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07. June 2021

The project "The Division of the Earth" by Dierk Schmidt will look at the historical and current undersea territorial claims around the Arctic in the context of legal, political-cartographic and artistic languages and will question them as an example of a field of tension between "division" and communalization of a "frontier zone", an untouched borderland in this century - while simultaneously considering resource policies, ecological changes as well as international legal principles and agreements. It is conceived as a multi-semester process of artistic-scientific research with students, at the same time seeking interdisciplinary points of connection.

Artistic Research Group
As a working group on artistic research, we try to get to the bottom of questions that arise in the context of this project in relation to our position and our attitude: How can we as artists deal with places and situations that we experience from a distance, and what exactly does experience mean here?
From which perspective can we speak, research and work without reproducing violent, colonial structures of cultural appropriation, when our own position is mostly a privileged one?

How can artistic research also be understood as activist research (Ayşe Güleç), and how can we learn from the history and knowledge inscribed and archived in the collective memory of communities on the basis of solidarity and empathy?
How is our role shaped in relation to scientific research, in what form do exchanges and/or demarcations arise?

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