Königsplatz during documenta 14, Kassel 2017. With: Olu Oguibe: “Monument for Strangers and Refugees” (2017). Photo © documenta studies/Nicolas Wefers



The Archive as Data-Warehouse. Lecture by Christian Huemer

Kunstvermittlung und soziale Erkenntnistheorie. Gespräch mit Jelena Topeekoff

documenta studies presentations #5, book presentation by Dierk Schmidt

Does art education exist somewhere between aesthetic experience and social interaction? Lecture by Ruth Noack

“Information wants to be free”. Lecture by Tilman Baumgärtel

Fragmente digitaler Vermittlung. Gespräch mit Yvonne Zindel

How we can show ourselves something that does not yet exist. art education and activism

Eine spekulative Stadtbürger*inneninstitution. Workshop von Laura Pregger und Jessica Huber

Book presentation: Das radikaldemokratische Museum (The Radical Democratic Museum) by Nora Sternfeld

Revising Modernity from the Archive. lecture by Günter Herzog

The Work of Archives – Work on the Archive. Lecture by Ursula Frohne and Marianne Wagner (in German)

Let’s call it work. Discussion with members of the group doc14_workers and Dating the Chorus

drop. From Contemporary Archive to Archive of the Contemporary. Lecture by Knut Ebeling

Book Launch 'The Fine Art of Living' Ina Wudtke (Archive Books)