14. January 2019
documenta studien präsentationen #4, January 22., 8 pm

There is often talk these days of a “museum of the future”: as a contact zone, arena, forum and platform – perhaps even as an occupied space: the museum of the future would be radically democratic. With a view to redefining the museum, Nora Sternfeld updates approaches from museology, education, and remembrance culture. The texts in this volume pursue strategies that challenge the archive, appropriate museum space, produce alternative knowledge, and rethink education. The museum thus becomes a place of assembly that allows us to deal with that which has already happened and negotiate what this means for the present, and how we can imagine a future that is more than just an extension of this present.

Alexis Joachimides in conversation with Nora Sternfeld

Musical finale: T-INA Darling (Swing, Jazz & Bossa Nova)

Frankfurter Straße 60
34121 Kassel
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