vermittlung vermitteln

"Why do we as art mediators always have to fight for the same topics and conditions with the institutions?" This question, posed during a workshop on art education at documenta 14 - and certainly not for the first time there - was at the beginning of the series of events "vermittlung vermitteln/learning unlearning," of which this publication is the result. The anthology is dedicated to the contradictions of current art education, bringing together history(s) and present(s), theory and practice, critique and everyday life. Art mediators talk about their experiences, reflect on strategies and imagine new approaches. If art mediators are to repeatedly fight for the same topics and conditions, then a first step would be for them to be able to negotiate these topics with each other and in public. Thus, the contributions draws convergences between historical emancipative educational projects and current post-digital strategies, between labor struggles and visions of the future, between local discussions in Kassel and transnational debates on art education and art mediation.

With contributions by: Jordi Ferreiro, Ayşe Güleç, Carina Herring, Andrea Hubin, Claudia Hummel, Gila Kolb, Nanna Lüth, Marie Preston, Karin Schneider, Nora Sternfeld, Julia Stolba, Jelena Toopeekoff, trafo.K, Yvonne Zindel. 

vermittlung vermitteln. Fragen, Forderungen und Versuchsanordnungen von Kunstvermittler*innen im 21. Jahrhundert edited by Ayşe Güleç, Carina Herring, Gila Kolb, Nora Sternfeld, Julia Stolba, Verlag der neuen Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst – nGbK, Berlin 2020 /

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