Dating the Chorus

Dating the Chorus is an open working group that develops art mediation concepts at the interface of theory and practice. The group was founded during but independently of documenta 14 in Kassel by members of the Chorus – documenta 14’s team of art educators. The need to document the individual and heterogeneous approaches taken by different members of the Chorus prompted working group members Maximilian Gallo, Hanna Jurisch, Yul Koh, Jeanette Petrik, Erik Ritzel, Philipp Spillmann, and Verena Sprich to release the first two volumes of a publication. A total of 52 contributions were collected, with various figures from the documenta circle appearing alongside members of the Chorus. The contributions consisted drawings, photographs, organigrams, essays, and lists that were subject to only marginal editorial selection, allowing a free collection of voices to emerge. The two editions published during documenta 14 are not conceived as a complete work, but rather as an expandable and flexible archive that gave Chorus members the opportunity to free themselves from an understanding of art mediation as pure service, and to enter into a critical dialogue with their own work.